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Cyber-bullying can have many consequences for the victim. Studies show that people who suffer cyber-bullying describe themselves as  ''sad '' and ''unwilling to attend school ''. Other consequences include anxiety, multiple school absences, excessive insecurity, depression and sometimes even suicide. They often feel isolated and alone. In reality though, there are many more like them.
 I would like to share the story of Ryan Halligan, a victim of cyber-bullying ( amongst other forms). He was often teased and abused online. One example of this, is when he began speaking online to a girl that he liked from his school. She pretended to like him back but her and her friends soon revealed that the whole thing had been a joke and called him a looser. Later on, a rumor spread saying he was gay. He started receiving vicious homophobic messages online.At the age of fourteen, he took his own life. There are many more like him. Please, together, let's put an end to it.
Sincerely, Chester

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